Zug win and secure a place in the play-off final.

 In the last game of the regular season, Zug played against Solothurn at the Schönenbüel Pitch in Unterägeri. It was a great sunny day and Zug knew they had to win to secure that spot in the final. In the first minutes after kick off, it was clear Zug was the better side, but Zug couldn’t find the space right away. Just after 10 minutes in Brandon made the first try, 7-0. After the first try it was getting easier for Zug to find the space in offense, resulting in a half time score of 33-0. Tries by Hampi, Martyn, Brandon and Mario.


After the half time team break, Zug just went on destroying the Solothurn side, resulting in a 62-0 win. Tries by Gabe, Brandon, Ian and Fabien. Dave would have made a great try in the last 5 minutes of the game, but unfortunately he knocked it on, better luck next time Dave.

Tries; Brandon 3, Fabien 2, Gabe 1, Ian 1, Mario 1, Martyn 1.

We would like to thank Solothurn for coming to Unterägeri, we wish you good luck in the relegation game against Biel.

On the 16th of June Zug play against Basel in the play off final to see who goes up tot he LNB, the game is in Nyon.


Pics by Storm Taylor, thank you mate!

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All information on the flyer:

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Zug win comfortably in `Innerschweizer Derby` against Luzern.

Last weekend Zug played Luzern at the Sennweid pitch in Baar. With a lot of supporters at the sideline and great weather, the conditions were great for a game of rugby. Right after kickoff, Zug put pressure on the Luzern defence, which paid off with a try by Andrew. 7-0.  The next 10 minutes Luzern kept testing the Zug defence, with succesfully scoring the try and conversion. 7-7. All this hard work didn`t help them, because the next kickoff wasn`t catched by a Luzern player but by Andrew who put it down for his second try of the day. 14-7. Zug was the dominant team now and went on scoring two tries, both made by Martyn, securing the bonuspoint. 28-7. The last 5 minutes before halftime Luzern started to get better and Zug made some mistakes, one of them resulting in a try for Luzern. 28-14. Luzern  is always a dangerous opponent and they showed that with this try.


In the second half Zug took it up a notch and showed Luzern who has more energy left. With a try by Fabien and one by Domi it increased the lead to 42-14. Luzern was playing well but just couldn`t break the wall of the magnificient men. Freddie saved a ball from going out and gave an amazing pass to Ingo who saw the gap and made the try. After that Brandon kicked the ball the Domi who ran across the field and gave a pass to Hampi scoring the try and setting the endscore at 54-14.

Tries: Andrew 2, Martyn 2, Domi 1, Fabien 1, Ingo 1, Hampi 1.

We would like to thank Luzern for coming to Baar and playing us in a great game of Rugby. And we would like thank all the supporters that came and supported us.

Next week we play Solothurn and have the chance to secure the 2nd place in the NLC and qualify fort he final, come and support us, get a beer and a sausage and have a great day.

Pictures by Annette Iten and Storm Taylor -  thank you guys so much!


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Zug secure the win against St. Gallen Bishops.

 On Saturday Zug had to play the Bishops in St. Gallen. After two losses in a row, Zug was out for a win. However, it was St. Gallen who took the lead in the early stages of the game. With 2 penalties the score was 6-0. This did not took long, because after 15 minutes, it was Domi in his first game as a captain with the try and the conversion, putting the score at 6-7. With another penalty kick the score was 6-10 for Zug. Unfortunately St Gallen managed to break the Zug defence and score a try + conversion: 13-10. Just before half time, Zug managed to make another try after a penalty kick from Domi that went a little wide. Mario chased the ball and put it down 13-15. St. Gallen managed to get a penalty kick in just before Half time, putting the score at 16-15.


After the half time team talk, Zug went back on the pitch and looked more ready than St. Gallen. With 3 good penaltykicks, Domi put the score 16-24. At this moment Zug was playing their game and controlling the play. In the 70th minute it was Mario with the try putting the score at 16-29. Zug really wanted to get the extra bonus point by making the 4th try.  Then just 2 minutes after kick-off Michi put down the 4th try after a strong attack by Zug. 16-36. In the last play oft he game, the Bishops scored another try, setting the endscore at 23-36.

Tries: Mario 2, Domi 1, Michi 1.

MoTm: Callum and Pudi

We would like to thank St. Gallen for the hospitality. We hope we can see you guys again at the Bishopscup.

Pictures by Storm Taylor, thank you!



Zug loses an important game in Basel.

Last Saturday Zug played Basel on a windy day on their beautiful pitch. Straight from the kick-off everybody saw, it was going to be an intense game. It was Basel who started the scorebord with 2 early tries. 12-0. Zug grew in the match though and showed Basel what they were made of. Basel kept up a great defence, which made it hard for Zug to break before the half time.


After the half time team talk, Zug went back on the field and did that with power.They forced Basel back in their own 22 and were held up in the tryzone 3 times in a row. After 55 minutes Zug could break the Basel defence with a nice combination and put down the first try by Ollie. 12-5. It remained a very close sided game, but it was Basel who proved to be the strongest side that day. With a penalty and a try they made the endscore 20-5.


Zug lose to Würenlos in an exciting and hard game in Baar.

Last Saturday, Zug played Würenlos at the Sennweid pitch in Baar. During the warming up the rain was already pouring down on the players of both teams. In the first 10 minutes, Würenlos put some real pressure on Zug, but the magnificent men from Zug showed some great defence and withheld the attack of Würenlos. After 15 minutes the first score was made by a break from Würenlos making it 0-7. Just a few moments after that the second try was there, making it 0-12 for Würenlos. Zug stepped up and with 2 tries (by Ollie and Domi) the score at halftime was 12-12.


Right after the halftime break, Zug put some pressure on Würenlos and was very dominant, but after a yellow card and some personal errors, Würenlos got the upper hand. The score quickly went up through some well played tries and Würenlos came out as the winners, putting the endscore at 12-42.


A really disappointing display by Zug, but we will do better next saturday. Next week we play in Basel, the number 1 team in the NLC at the moment.


We would like to thank Würenlos for the hard fight in Baar and a special thanks to everyone who came to support us.


Zug pick up a win after a tough game in Schaffhausen.


Last Saturday Zug played Schaffhausen at the Breite pitch in Schaffhausen. It was a rainy day which made the pitch real slippery. After 5 minutes it was clear that Schaffhausen was stronger in the scrum which made it hard for Zug. Nevertheless it was Zug who opened the score with a try by Fabien. 0-5. Zug was not playing well this first half and Schaffhausen took advantage of this opportunity by scoring a penalty try. 7-5. Just before half time Domi scored a penalty which made it 7-8 for Zug.




After a halftime team talk by coach Pieter and Captain Fabien, Zug played the 2nd half of the game way better. They showed what they can do on the rugby pitch and with 3 tries – by Martyn, Domi and Freddie – the endscore was 7-29. It was a tough game for Zug but they have brought home the win and a bonus point.

Tries: Fabien 1, Martyn 1, Domi 1, Freddie 1

We would like to thank Schaffhausen for the game and the hospitality.

 Next Saturday we play home against Würenlos, come and support us!!


Letztes Wochenende empfingen wir die Basel Birds unter regnerischen Bedienungen. Für uns war es das erste Mal, dass wir mit 12 Spielerinnen auf dem Platz standen.

Am Anfang dominierten die Birds, aber wir liessen uns nicht unter kriegen und unsere Nummer 10 (Sara) machte den ersten Try. Mit einem erfolgreichen Conversion-Kick von Hanna verkürzten wir auf 7-10. Basel erhöhte allerdings mit weiteren Try’s. Wir hielten mit guter Defense-Arbeit und hartem Tackling dagegen. Am Ende der ersten Halbzeit legte Carmen im ihrem ersten Spiel ihren ersten Try.

In der zweiten Halbzeit traten wir Zugerinnen wieder mit viel Motivation auf und Seraina unser Hooker machte einen weiteren Try. In den nächsten Spielminuten war es ein ausgeglichenes Spiel, aber durch Fehler der Freyjas konnten die Baselerinnen wieder scoren. In den letzten zwei Minuten gaben wir nochmals alles und Sara legte den vierten Try ab, was zum Endergebnis von 22:58 führte. Trotz Niederlage sind wir stolz auf unsere Leistung und freuen uns über den Zusatzpunkt im Gesamtklassement für die vier erzielten Trys.

Wir bedanken uns bei den Basel Birds für das faire Spiel und bei unseren Zuschauern für den Support.

Wir freuen uns auf das nächste Wochenende in Avusy. Wir sind bereit!

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Nach unserer ersten Niederlage vor 2 Wochen in Lausanne, hatte Zug die Chance Revanche zu bekommen.

Das Spiel in Ägeri begann mit perfekten Voraussetzungen, genau wie der ZRC.

Zug wartete nicht lange um die ersten Punkte zu markieren, Domi scorte seinen ersten Try nach einer Spielminute. Zug zeigte, dass es ihre Mentalität in den 2 Wochen verändert hat und war sehr dominant in den Tacklings und Läufen. Der Coach David McKimm selber zeigte genau das, indem er durch die Lausanner Verteidiger durchrammte und einen Try scorte. In der Halbzeitpause führte Zug mit 4 Tries.

In der zweiten Halbzeit schaltete Zug nicht wie vor 2 Wochen einen Gang runter und zeigte eine starke Leistung auf ihrem Heimrasen: Die Männer aus Zug scorten noch 5 Tries in der zweiten Halbzeit.

Lausanne erzielte in der letzten Spielaktion noch einen Try, was den Spielstand auf 65:10 bringt.

Tries: Domi 3, Fabien 2, Gabe 1, Alex 1, Dave 1, Penaltytry 1

Danke Lausanne fürs Vorbeikommen in Ägeri, bis zum nächsten Mal.


After our first loss in the season 2 weeks ago in Lausanne, Zug had the opportunity to get revenge.

The game in Ägeri took place with perfect conditions, and so did the ZRC.

Zug didn’t take long to put points on the scoreboard, with Domi scoring his first try just after a minute in the game. Zug showed that they changed their mentality in two weeks and was very dominant in their tackles and runs. The coach David McKimm himself showed exactly that, by crushing through the Lausanne defenders and scoring a try. At halftime, Zug was up by 4 tries.

In the second half, Zug didn’t slow down a gear like 2 weeks ago and showed a massive performance on their homepitch: The magnificient men of Zug scored 5 more tries in the second half.

Lausanne scored a try in the last action of the game, which made the endscore 65:10.

Tries: Domi 3, Fabien 2, Gabe 1, Alex 1, Dave 1, Penaltytry 1

Thank you Lausanne for coming to Ägeri, see you next time.


Pics by Storm Taylor and @seagleeye – thanks boys!

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