Total dominance against Ticino


IMG-20150411-WA0014What a game of rugby. From the kick off the team from Zug has shown total dominance, we have scored our first of many tries just after a minute on the clock. But let`s start at the beginning. During warm up we got a big setback as Hampi twisted his ankle and will be out for the rest of the season with some damaged ligaments.

The forwards has shown complete dominance and Ticino has lost all but 2 of their own scrums and in the loose the forwards were very clinical. Our line outs worked great and we have managed to score a couple of tries from the line out where we have set up the driving mall and they were simply unstoppable and went for the white line time after time.


TIMG-20150411-WA0017he defence was also well organised and we have only missed a couple tackles. Ticino was a good team and they have tested us in the break downs when we arrived late.

Our discipline was very good and even when Ticino has started to play the man rather than the ball we have just laughed them off in put more points on the board, there was one situation where the tempers got the better of the players but we were disciplined enough not get involved and they have booked themselves a red card.


We have played well together as a team and all the hard work during training has shown.

The final score was 91-6 for Zug. Congratulations to the whole team and well done!




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