Zug XV : Würenlos 12:42


Zug lose to Würenlos in an exciting and hard game in Baar.

Last Saturday, Zug played Würenlos at the Sennweid pitch in Baar. During the warming up the rain was already pouring down on the players of both teams. In the first 10 minutes, Würenlos put some real pressure on Zug, but the magnificent men from Zug showed some great defence and withheld the attack of Würenlos. After 15 minutes the first score was made by a break from Würenlos making it 0-7. Just a few moments after that the second try was there, making it 0-12 for Würenlos. Zug stepped up and with 2 tries (by Ollie and Domi) the score at halftime was 12-12.


Right after the halftime break, Zug put some pressure on Würenlos and was very dominant, but after a yellow card and some personal errors, Würenlos got the upper hand. The score quickly went up through some well played tries and Würenlos came out as the winners, putting the endscore at 12-42.


A really disappointing display by Zug, but we will do better next saturday. Next week we play in Basel, the number 1 team in the NLC at the moment.


We would like to thank Würenlos for the hard fight in Baar and a special thanks to everyone who came to support us.

Dominik Müller
Dominik Müller

Dominik Muller, Zug Rugby XV

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